"Never underestimate the power of simplicity." - Anonymous

Inspired In the Aleutians

Aleutian Boutique Bundles

A 12 postcard "vintage style" collection of life and wildlife in Unalaska, Alaska, and along the Aleutian Chain. Available on Etsy, local vendors, and here at our own online store.

Visit our store page to learn more about the Aleutian Boutique Bundles, Aleutian Noel/Aleut Lullaby CDs, and Lynda's published books and sheet music.


Music from Inside Out

Lynda is a recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter and producer of CDs  Aleut Lullaby and Aleutian Noel, as well as previous recordings. 

A published composer/arranger with Hal Leonard Publishing Company   

Public speaking engagements and workshops are available sparking creativity and the theme blooming where you are planted. 

Devoted daily to sharing music with piano students in Unalaska, Alaska.

Photos from Outside In

It’s  common  to see  Unalaska  residents  pulling  over  to  photograph  stunning cloud  formations,  humpback  whales  feeding  just  offshore,  or  other  displays  of local  nature  in  all  its  jagged  beauty.  

 Daily walks while holding a camera avails many opportunities to catch the usual attractions as well as rare sites. 

 The photos featured by Aleutian Life  Studios are taken by Lynda Lybeck-Robinson with an appreciative eye for the surroundings, the birds, and the wildlife with whom we share this island paradise. 

About Lynda

An unexpected landing

Lynda Lybeck-Robinson, composer, singer, piano instructor, and non-profit president, found her niche in the remote Aleutian island community of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Alaska, over 800 miles from the nearest city and thousands of miles from her Pacific Northwest roots. Surrounded by rugged untouched mountains that reach up from the ocean floor, the community is embraced by an active Bering Sea teeming with life, williwaws, whales and  a constantly changing sky. Winds rage hard, regularly bearing down 50mph on the small community, with hostile gusts of 100+mph wind several times a hard winter. An often forbidding, austere lifestyle bonds locals  together, and the creativity that emerges from them is rich, strong, and unique.

Muse awakenings

In 1997,  Lynda teamed up with local community leaders and transformed a community center storage closet into the city of Unalaska's first full time piano studio. In 2007, a million dollar renovation of the community center included a full sized community music room with two soundproof  practice rooms, a grand piano, and a view of the city. 

Then came photography

Known for her appreciation of nature's beauty, Lynda was given a camera as a gift, and the photography that has resulted reflects her passion for the islands and the connection she feels with nature and its  creatures. 


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